Thermal energy capacity proposal

There is a possibility to utilize thermal water on the outskirts of Szarvas, directly next to the town. 3 working, licensed wells and 1 spare are available. The wells are between 1500 and 1700 metres deep, their output is 1600 litres/ minute/ well.

The thermal water is 95 Centigrade with 2.0 bar pressure and with free outflow.

We have been utilizing thermal water energy since 1983 and continue to expand the usages, including:
  • heating of buildings
  • heating of specialized establishments for animal keeping or single sheds
  • drying of grain, feed and seeds
  • drying of spices and raw material for food industry
  • providing suitable temperature for vegetable and flower growing
  • appropriate drying of bio products
  • manipulation of liquid for thermosetting products ( honey)

    The thermal energy can be used directly or with heat exchanger, with output at total capacity between 15th October and 15th April.

    Out of the heating season we run the wells according to our customers needs.

    At the moment 30 000 MWh/ year is licenced. This represents 30% of the total capacity. Another 20 000 MWh/ year is still available.

    The supplier is welcoming all those investors, customers and possible buyers of the source who would like to use the surplus energy.
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       The centre and a well
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